LMN Culture

When we are not channeling our energy into profound and pragmatic solutions for our clients, we are exploring and cultivating our passions, incubating intellectual experimentation and community experiences that will be the fertile soil for the next holistic, enriching, award-winning, environmentally responsive, socially participatory, wildly successful project we deliver. Independent projects by LMN emerging professionals have won multiple awards and have been featured in publications like Architect, ArchDaily, Design Boom, Inhabitat, Treehugger, and Archinect Sessions. LMN culture is about hacking the assets of our open-plan, technologically equipped office; pulling teams together to realize independent visions; and being involved in a host of community organizations and initiatives that build community and frame the debate on public issues.

  • Project

    Post-Occupancy Data Devices (PODDs)

    PODD: a sensor device that gives designers information about the factors that define comfort experienced in the built environment.

  • Installation

    ION: Interactive Open Network 2

    An experimental installation by LMN Tech Studio explores responsive and adaptive systems in a Seattle storefront.

  • installation


    Connections in tension explore the boundaries that separate us.

  • installation

    RainSound Experience

    A mechanical instrument creates rhythmic drum music from the collection of rainwater.

  • Installation


    A mobile reconfigurable disco kelp forest that deploys in public spaces.

  • installation


    A kinetic facade reacts to weather, light, and people to create a dynamic meditation space.

  • installation

    ION: Interactive Open Network

    To say thanks, LMN threw an outdoor street party with a custom interactive installation floating overhead.

  • Short film

    Gingerbread Ballet

    To make a human connection with our new CNC router, many in the office baked a recipe known as "structural gingerbread."

  • Installation

    Smaller Smarter

    A shelter under 150 square feet starts a conversation about living smaller smarter in Seattle.

  • Installation

    Cloud Quilt

    A mirrored cloud reflects and absorbs color from the surface of the table in LMN's lobby.

  • short film

    Seattle Through the Eyes of LMN

    This year, to wish you our warmest, we asked our staff to paint a holiday portrait of our city.

  • Installation

    Pop-Up! Street Furniture

    Movable modules easily combine into endless configurations that transform the streetscape.

  • Installation


    The woven rocker is a collaboration between an LMN designer and local fashion label Tarboo.

  • short film

    Light Spirits

    A light sprite wreaks havoc in LMN's offices, leading to surreal adventures.

  • Installation


    The parametrically designed structure combines interactive contributions from dozens of participants.

  • Installation

    Balloon Church

    The church won converts on First Avenue for a day before popping out of existence.

  • Fashion Design

    Product Runway 2013

    Our mother earth reveals its elements and we cast them into the rising of the fire.

  • short film

    The Red Balloon

    An experiment in aerial photography becomes unexpectedly festive.

  • Furniture Design

    Radiator Lounge

    Arguably the most important reuse of cast iron radiator modules in the past couple of months.

  • Installation

    Build By Color

    We asked passersby to pick up a spool of colored string to create a nest of tangled neon fibers.

  • Installation

    Plastic Bag Shack

    An ethereal volume of light makes a timely nod to Seattle's plastic bag ban.

  • short film

    Glow Flakes

    A team creates magnetic glowing snowflake balls and uses them to decorate the city.

  • Installation

    Play Day

    Who wants to hit a golf ball down a scale model of Seattle’s infamous Alaskan Way Viaduct?