Huntsman Hall, Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University - Exterior

Huntsman Hall, Huntsman School of Business
Utah State University


Logan, Utah


Utah State University

Collaborators +

Associate Architect: Gillies Stransky Brems Smith

General Contractor: Spindler Construction Corporation

Structural Engineering: Reaveley Engineers & Associates

Mechanical Engineering: Colvin Engineering Associates

Electrical Engineering: Ken Garner Engineering, Inc.

Civil Engineering: Great Basin Engineering

Landscape Architecture: Gillies Stransky Brems Smith

Lighting Design: Ken Garner Engineering, Inc.

Graphics/Signage: Studio Matthews

Project Size

New area: 125,800 square feet

Renovated area: 10,100 square feet

Project Status



Certified LEED New Construction Silver


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

Huntsman Hall reinforces the School’s team-based pedagogy and creates an environment that supports the wide range of interactions that are at the heart of modern business practice and business education.

The project more than doubles the size of the existing George S. Eccles Building. In support of the School’s community-oriented culture, the design interlaces break-out rooms and diverse interaction spaces with both tiered and flat-floor classrooms to cultivate face-to-face, small group activity. Huntsman Hall’s distinctive curved geometry creates an interconnected community courtyard at the center of the School, dramatically staging the facility as a hub of business and academic relationships.

The upper floor houses research, student services and professional outreach with a flexible open plan office design, including a series of ‘Centers’ that expand the School’s networking reach. A signature meeting room enables the School to host conferences and major indoor events. Openness of the interior plan and extensive use of glass in the building enclosure capitalize on the breathtaking views of Utah’s Cache Valley and surrounding mountains.

Photography: Adam Hunter, Kevin Scott