We are inquisitive learners passionate about discovery. Research at LMN takes many forms and is pervasive throughout our office culture. Our in-house R&D group LMN Tech Studio develops new systems, technologies, and software while integrating existing tools in innovative ways to support our creative pursuits. We are equally committed to research in resiliency and sustainability, with a particular current focus on Materials + Health, Mass Timber + Embodied Carbon, Building Performance, and Resilience. Always looking for opportunities to share our findings, we see community and collaboration as essential to our research pursuits.

Research - Sustainability, VCCE

We are committed to working with clients to realize ambitious sustainability goals for our projects to decrease energy consumption and enhance environmental performance, both for new construction and adaptive reuse. Internal research groups focused on sustainability help us stay up to speed on the latest tools and strategies for building performance, decarbonization, and health and resilience, always seeking to align environmental performance with user needs and budget requirements. We have more than 60 professionals accredited in LEED, WELL, Fitwel, or Passive House; have delivered 70% of our LEED projects as Gold or Platinum; and are targeting a majority of our buildings as zero carbon certified by 2030.

Research - Fabrication, Octave 9

We unite technology with craft to develop integrated design and construction solutions. We frequently collaborate with fabricators and specialty consultants, and our in-house R&D efforts center on developing project delivery capabilities, studying new materials, and optimizing design technology tools and workflows to achieve greater construction efficiency. We share our discoveries across projects and among the industry with the goal of improving outcomes for our projects and the profession.

Research - Emerging Tech, PODDs
Emerging Potentials

Our culture is grounded in curiosity, always seeking out ways to improve our processes through new design potentials rather than accepting the status quo. Collaboration with specialty consultants and experts, in tandem with new digital tools and tried-and-true methods, help us uncover design discoveries in each project. While our research arm may be activated by an isolated project aspect, we use these targeted questions as opportunities to advance the design potential of our projects as a whole, always in service of elevating the collective social experience of a place.

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2024 Sustainability Action Plan

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Path to Zero Carbon Series

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01 – An Honest Conversation About Zero Carbon

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03 – Toward Zero Carbon Architecture

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04 – The Science of Global Warming

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05 – Carbon, Risk + Time

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06 – Buildings, Energy Use + Carbon

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07 – Embodied Carbon 101

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08 – Carbon Offsets, Sequestration + Honesty

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09 – Circular Economy + Products
Reusable waste from old houses and buildings

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10 – Existing Building Reuse

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11 – Structure: Steel, Concrete + Wood

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12 – Envelopes – What Does High Performance Mean?

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13 – Operational Carbon: Design + Process

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14 – MEP, Refrigerants, Equipment + Carbon

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15 – Interiors, Cyclical Renovations + Carbon

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University of Iowa Voxman Music Building
Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa - Exterior

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Buildings for Collaborative Learning
Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University - Interior

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Tenant Improvements Embodied Carbon Study
LMN Architects Offices

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2018 Sustainability Action Plan
Vancouver Convention Centre West - Exterior

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Evaluating Building Performance Tools

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How Vancouver Greened Its Waterfront
Vancouver Convention Centre West - Aerial View

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Façade Design & Digital Fabrication
Cleveland Convention Center & Civic Core - Construction

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Evolving Modes of R+D in Practice

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UCSD Conrad Prebys Music Center
Conrad Prebys Music Center, University of California San Diego - Interior

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How Business Students Interact
PACCAR Hall, University of Washington - Interior

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Social Learning at LMN

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Convention Center Ballrooms
Duke Energy Convention Center Expansion and Renovation - Interior

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Understanding Business Schools
PACCAR Hall, University of Washington - Interior

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Autodesk University Innovation Forum
Stephen Van Dyck