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Social Learning at LMN

Jack Chaffin and Scott Crawford of the LMN Tech Studio presented on social learning at the KA Connect conference in San Francisco, May 5-6, 2015. The presentation, Q&A session, and an additional “deep dive” panel discussion are presented here.

Scott Crawford is a founding member of LMN Tech Studio, LMN’s integrated research and development group. Scott splits his time between exploring ways of incorporating new technologies into LMN’s design process and projects while sharing these findings with the outside world through collaboration, blogging, and teaching.

Jack Chaffin is a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience and part of LMN’s Tech Studio. He has led the transition of three architecture firms from CAD-based production to BIM, including LMN’s adoption beginning in 2012. Besides his love of all things BIM, he has a great interest and growing experience in digital fabrication and, as it turns out, he is very compatible with robots as well as people.


Deep Dive

A live case study discussion with Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner (Wenger-Trayner), Scott Crawford (LMN Architects), Jack Chaffin (LMN Architects), and Christopher Parsons (Knowledge Architecture) about Social Learning in LMN Architects’ Tech Studio Community of Practice at KA Connect 2015.