As supporters of the City of Seattle’s Waterfront Seattle Program for more than a decade, LMN is dedicated to the City’s vision to create “A Waterfront for All.”

The City’s Waterfront Seattle Program will transform Seattle’s central waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown. It includes the rebuilt Elliott Bay Seawall, twenty acres of new and improved public space, an expansion of Pike Place Market and elevated public spaces connecting the Market to the waterfront, expansion of the Seattle Aquarium, improved connections between center city neighborhoods and Elliott Bay, critical utility infrastructure, and new Alaskan Way and Elliott Way surface streets to serve all modes of travel. Many of these program elements are currently in construction.

Please don’t be fooled! I-123 is NOT affiliated or compatible with the City of Seattle’s “Waterfront for All” project, already well underway.

The supporters of Initiative 123 seek to build an elevated walkway along Seattle’s downtown waterfront, with no plan, no credible cost estimate, and no environmental impact study. This initiative would undo more than a decade of work on the Seattle waterfront in exchange for a poorly conceived idea with many flaws. I-123 is a blank check which obligates the taxpayers of Seattle to fund the development of this concept without deadline, no matter the cost. The initiative also aims to form a “public development authority” to manage the process – made up of the very people who wrote the initiative.

The Waterfront is a public asset and should remain focused on public use and activities that attract people from all walks of life.

Your NO vote is vital to the Seattle Waterfront’s future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Click here to read Seattle Times’ opinion piece against Initiative 123.


LMN is pleased to announce the opening of the new Vashon Center for the Arts. The $20.2 million Center is a multi-purpose performance venue that establishes a vibrant, inviting center for arts events on Vashon Island. The project celebrates the distinct character of a rural, yet sophisticated island community, and supports a rich arts culture for all ages. “Now we have a home that is worthy of the incredible Arts community that we have on Vashon Island, to honor the work in an environment that is so beautiful and so well crafted. We have reached a pinnacle on this island that will serve generations to come. When people walk into the auditorium, their jaws drop. This is the exact reaction we wanted, and we got it,” notes Molly Reed, Executive Director, Vashon Center for the Arts.

The new 19,000 square-foot facility expands the arts campus of Vashon Allied Arts, headquartered at the historic Blue Heron Arts Center, and progresses its mission to serve the visual and performing artists on the Island. As part of the expansion, two acres of adjacent wetlands were restored to serve as an interpretive center and sculpture garden resulting in a five-acre campus.

“The client group and the community of Vashon Island pulled together to bring an incredible community asset to the island. The design team was dedicated to creating a building that reflects the rural spirit and unique character of Vashon, while providing a state-of-the-art facility celebrating the talent of its vibrant arts community. The mission of Vashon Center for the Arts, and the respect they have for what we brought to the project, allowed me to maintain a strong emotional connection to the building and the community throughout the design process and construction. I will be returning often for performances in the building,” notes Jennifer Hing, Principal, LMN.

Read the full press release.