Redfin Tenant Improvements

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

Renovated area: 32,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2012


Interior Design


Cool Spaces: It's all fun and games - and a few work spaces, too - at Redfin's Belltown Office

Puget Sound Business Journal, 11/03/2014

The expansion and renovation of Redfin’s Seattle headquarters emphasizes flexibility and connectivity to meet the growing demands of its rapidly expanding online real estate brokerage business. Unlike many tech companies, Redfin’s staff interacts directly with clients, and hosts a diverse group of office visitors including buyers, sellers, and off-site real estate agents, requiring community spaces that operate in multiple modes and a range of public and private environments.

Site and Program
Located on two floors of a downtown high-rise, Redfin’s workforce comprises a mix of office-based staff and mobile real estate agents. As a result, the population of the office can expand and contract rapidly, driving a need for “hotel stations” as well as strong community spaces to promote company cohesion. In addition, a constant influx of visitors requires a dramatic look and feel with a welcoming “residential” brand experience.

The office design supports a diversity of work patterns with a mix of private offices, shared offices, open workstations, and hotel stations, while creating visual connectivity in a unified experience of "one company–one culture." Communal gathering spaces punctuated throughout the floor plans operate in a range of use modes, such as informal meetings between software programmers, internal teaming sessions, home-buying workshops with clients, or webcast seminars with nationwide satellite offices.

A large, day-lit, open-plan flex area on the first floor uses movable partitions to accommodate many group sizes, serving as a lunch room at multiple scales as well as an event space, all-office meeting room, and training room. A generous, well-serviced kitchen accommodates the company’s practice of family-style lunches as much as 3 times a week, and the second floor also features a multi-purpose kitchen, café, and gaming space. A new central stair forms the core of Redfin’s cultural activity, making the communal space of both floors immediately accessible from the elevator lobby. Grey charcoal wood materiality surrounding the stair strikes a neutral yet warm counterpoint to the bold red carpet.