Norm Dicks Government Center

Bremerton, Washington

Project Size:

100,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2004


Civic Design, Urban Mixed Use Design

Selected Awards

2006 California Redevelopment Association

Award of Excellence, Commercial/Industrial Development

2005 NAIOP

Washington State Chapter Office Development of the Year

The main client objective with the Norm Dicks Government Center was to establish a space where government is accessible to its citizens. The design required a strategy that would consolidate facilities for city, regional, and federal government, while helping to strengthen the vitality of Bremerton’s urban core.

The first response was to create a sense of openness throughout the space with extensive glazing that allows daylight to penetrate deep into the offices. The effect makes the workplace more comfortable, while easing the building’s energy consumption by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Transparency becomes a motif throughout the interior. Upon entering the building, a central 2,500 square foot community meeting room dominates the lobby, surrounded by joined strips of glass that provide enclosure while also making the proceedings perfectly visible. The public shares the building’s expansive views of the city and the water from all sides via circulation routes around the perimeter of each floor, as well as a glass-enclosed staircase that is an attractive alternative to the elevator.