Meydenbauer Center Hall Renovation

Bellevue, Washington

Project Size:

Renovated area: 36,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2007


Convention Center Design

Meydenbauer Center serves as the convention center for downtown Bellevue, Washington. Meydenbauer Center’s primary space, a 36,000 square-foot multi-use exhibit hall, is a popular venue for a multitude of events ranging from trade shows to ballroom events.

Meydenbauer Center hired LMN to transform the exhibit hall into a multi-use special event room. The resulting facility will better serve the needs of the Center’s banquet and ballroom event clients, while maintaining the flexibility to continue accommodating trade show events.

To transform the character of the room LMN addressed the ceiling plane by selecting a specular copper colored metal mesh suspended in panels from the ceiling as the new ceiling design statement. The new incandescent light system provides the character of light suitable for ballroom events, and illuminates the suspended mesh panels providing a warm copper glow to the spaces below. An accent wall opposite the entry doors has this same material hung vertically in front of a faceted aluminum wall panels. The combination of the copper mesh and the aluminum wall panel when illuminated provides a unique accent wall for the room and visually connects the wall to the warm glow of the ceiling.