LMN Office Tenant Improvements

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

Renovated area: 26,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2013


Interior Design, LMN Culture, LMN Tech Studio

Selected Awards

2015 Lighting Controls Innovation Award

Lighting Controls Association, 12/17/15

Reinventing LMN’s offices was an opportunity for reflection among the firm leaders. In a series of charrettes, the in-house design team explored ways to transform LMN’s two floors in a 1959 International Style downtown office tower, building on the inherent openness, light, and flexibility of the existing space while integrating a new sensibility reflecting the unique qualities of the firm’s practice. A vision emerged to pull away from form, and focus instead on the activity within the space – a simple background enabling the firm’s work, culture, and people to be its own inspiration.

Site and Program
A “work bench” layout condenses workstations into uniform rows with high-efficiency casework, opening up generous amounts of flexible, collaborative work space. Informal meeting and workshop tables with large continuous pin-up walls occur throughout, promoting and supporting team explorations. Open space is reserved around the perimeter of each floor to allow unobstructed views and daylight from the building’s 10-foot windows, and all meeting rooms feature varying degrees of visual transparency. A large multi-purpose flex space in a central location on the lower level accommodates regular all-firm gatherings, as well as a frequent schedule of presentations and training seminars.

The most visible evidence of the firm’s philosophy of open, interconnected communication is the front lobby, where two glass-walled meeting rooms flank the waiting area. Visitors experience a sweeping south-facing view of the city as well as a glimpse of project teams engaged in active dialogue. On the lower level, the full length of the floor plate is open to view, creating the environment of a factory floor, workshop, or stage set. Design studies and explorations through technology, hands-on modeling, and mockups form an ever-changing tableau, punctuated by displays of teams’ latest creations. In the waiting area, the “magic table” is emblematic of this approach, hosting collaborative art pieces designed and built by in-house volunteers.


LMN Tech Studio
While the fundamental principles of how the firm works have not changed since its founding 35 years ago, the tools and technology have. Putting in practice our body of research into data-driven design methods, a finely tuned system of automatic sunshades responds to daylight sensors, programmed to optimize light levels for a balance of useful daylight without glare and heat gain. Working in combination with automatic overhead lighting dimmers, the system reduces our electrical lighting needs by 58%. In addition, occupancy sensors installed throughout the workstations constantly monitor temperature, humidity, light, and sound, enabling a post-occupancy process of fine tuning mechanical/electrical systems for optimal comfort and efficiency.