Julep Headquarters Tenant Improvements

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

Renovated area: 10,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2013


Interior Design

Julep is a Seattle-based venture capital startup company that provides high end beauty products and services. After establishing four retail parlors throughout the Seattle region, the company was ready to focus on building a high level professional office for their headquarters. LMN designed a 10,000 square foot space in a low rise building in downtown Seattle.

On a shoestring budget, a vibrant space was created through an entry which combines lobby, a large open kitchen, and a main conference room together to form the centralized "heart" of the workspace. This central hub will provide flexible space for working, collaborating, eating and display, bringing two halves of a split floor plan together where staff can mix.

Leveraging the combination of oversized common work counters, an all-service espresso maker, a brilliant hot pink ceiling, raw concrete floors and a unique wall display of a thousand of Julep’s signature nail polish bottles, LMN created a space that speaks to the company’s female based identity, and the youth and enthusiasm their of their staff.