Hines Expedia Tower

Bellevue, Washington

Project Size:

413,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2008

LEED Status:

Certified LEED Core and Shell Gold


Interior Design, Urban Mixed Use Design


Hines, HCG and Washington Capital Celebrate Tower 333 Grand Opening

Hines Press Release, 4/1/08

Expedia Tower Gets LEED Gold Certified

Eastside Business Journal, 9/9/09

Centrally located in Bellevue’s business district, the taut, interlocking building forms of the Hines Expedia Tower integrate contemporary architecture with innovative workplace design for today’s knowledge worker.

The first LEED Gold certified building in Bellevue (for Core & Shell), the design of Hines Expedia Tower incorporates sustainable features with a focus on maximizing daylight penetration into the office floor plates. Use of building information modeling (BIM) supported an integrated process of design analysis and technical development of the exterior glazing system, and also demonstrated the advantage of 10-foot ceiling heights throughout the building, which have become a valuable tenant benefit.

In architectural expression, the distinctive glass-clad forms of Hines Expedia Tower hover above the street, dissolving into a highly transparent base that contains the building’s public spaces and exposes the building’s skeletal structure. Extensive amenities, including meeting, conference and retail uses expand the workplace environment, and the openness of the ground plane connects the activities of the building with its urban streetscape.