4C Mixed Use Tower

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

1,650,000 square feet

Project Status:

Anticipated Completion 2020


Urban Mixed Use Design

Associate Architect:

Graham Baba

In Seattle, growing sustainably means that a city of eclectic culture, deep connection to nature, and diverse small businesses can maintain its uniqueness as it increases in density and international influence. At approximately 90 stories and 1,000 feet in height, the Fourth & Columbia Mixed Use Tower will be the one of the tallest buildings in the US, signaling Seattle’s arrival as a major city in the 21st Century with a skyline-scaled gesture of forward-thinking design. Conceived as vertically interlocking neighborhoods, the tower’s mix of retail, office, hotel, and residential uses activates a 24/7 downtown with spaces versatile enough to change with the ebb and flow of people in an evolving district.

The steeply sloped site on the west side of Fourth Avenue between Columbia and Cherry Streets interacts with several existing and planned downtown landmarks at a wide variety of scales and historical trajectories. At the ground level, 2 levels of lobbies and retail space support an open, porous relationship with the street, with distinctly different entry experiences for each of the use components above. The tower’s podium base continues upward with multiple office and hotel levels, as well as amenity floors, tenant-oriented co-working spaces, and a combination of residential units and guest suites, all spilling onto outdoor terraces. A slender, 1000-unit residential tower rises approximately 80 stories above this base, broken into discrete neighborhoods according to the unique views and adjacencies available at different heights. The mix of program uses allows residents to work, shop, and dine where they live, embracing the opportunities of dense urban living.