Eighth + Olive Lobby Repositioning

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

New area: 700 square feetRenovated area: 12,800 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2015


Interior Design, Urban Mixed Use Design


Project of the Week: 8th + Olive

Daily Journal of Commerce, 12/28/2016

Following on a surge of lobby repositioning efforts in downtown Seattle office buildings to keep up with the demands of the city’s exploding tech sector, Eighth + Olive sets a new standard for open, highly social tenant amenities designed to support a work culture of informal connectivity and face-to-face communication. The expansive new lobby, featuring a juice bar/café on one side and a wine, coffee and craft beer lounge on the other, offers myriad opportunities for tenants to work and meet in varying group sizes and different levels of privacy and formality.

Site and Program
Built in the 1980s and long suffering from market perceptions of being too “dark and heavy,” the Eighth + Olive building is enjoying renewed relevance in the rapidly emerging Denny Triangle neighborhood. Multiple high-rise projects are filling in the connective tissue between the downtown CBD and the tech-dominated, mid-rise South Lake Union district, as well as vibrant new civic gathering places such as the Eighth & Howell Convention Hotel and the Washington State Convention Center Addition, both designed by LMN. Positioned directly adjacent to these future downtown landmarks as well as the thriving Pike/Pine retail corridor, Eighth + Olive’s strategic reconfiguration capitalizes on the growing energy of the district with street-level daylight and transparency, creating a work environment that feels centrally connected to the urban life of Seattle. An enclosed, sunlit training center for formal meetings and presentations, as well as deluxe bicycle storage with showers and repair facilities, add to the expanding suite of tenant amenities.

The scale, flexibility, and generous daylight of the lobby in the new design is achieved in part by enclosing the outer courtyard of the existing building in a new glass curtainwall, creating a 3-story indoor atrium at the main building entrance on Olive Way. Flanking this grand entry, the retail spaces are integrated as an extension of the workplace, with large areas for informal meetings and events. Custom interior finishes—including built-in and free-standing lounge furniture, full casework for the wine and beer bar, and a custom-milled group table for the coffee/juice bar—set the tone for a diversity of potential social experiences, with warm wood textures in a variety of patterns, exposed concrete walls, solid marble, and textured fabrics. Outside, the bustling activity of 8th Avenue and Olive Way visible through floor-to-ceiling glass provides a smoldering urban tableau to support the fluid interactivity of the interior.