2000 Third Avenue Office and Residential Tower Entitlements

Seattle, Washington

Project Size:

361,000 square feet

Project Status:

Completed 2001


Urban Mixed Use Design

Located at the edge of the Seattle downtown core, this mixed-use office and residential high-rise embraces the interface between neighboring commercial and residential districts.

Three separate uses are organized vertically in discrete program groups. Street-level retail uses have flexibility to expand upward and occupy two levels, connected by an arcade and central stair.  Commercial office floors are located above retail, designed for flexible, high-tech tenants. The upper levels are dedicated to townhouse-style condominiums with private decks and expansive city views.               

Each program component is exuberantly expressed as a distinctive element within a unified architectural composition.  The exposed structural concrete frame provides visual continuity and exerts an appropriately robust presence with the active urban neighborhood.