The heart and soul of LMN are the people that bring curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm to every assignment.  We are a close-knit group of talented individuals who are passionate about our work and the impact it has in the broader community.

  • Adam Amrhein
    Adam Amrhein
  • Adam Hunter
    Adam Hunter
  • Aileen Salle Kinney
    Aileen Salle Kinney
  • Albert Cua
    Albert Cua
  • Alex Austin
    Alex Austin
  • Alex Woodhouse
    Alex Woodhouse
  • Alyssa Marsh
    Alyssa Marsh
  • Alyssa Parsons
    Alyssa Parsons
  • Andrea Marciani
    Andrea Marciani
  • Anne Herrick
    Anne Herrick
  • Anuja Mohare
    Anuja Mohare
  • Brandon Schans
    Brandon Schans
  • Brian Tennyson
    Brian Tennyson
  • Bryan Sanders
    Bryan Sanders
  • Caitlin White
    Caitlin White
  • Cameron Irwin
    Cameron Irwin
  • Charlotte Phillips
    Charlotte Phillips
  • Chris Eidt
    Chris Eidt
  • Chris Eseman
    Chris Eseman
  • Chris Lim
    Chris Lim
  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin
  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson
  • Chris Savage
    Chris Savage
  • Christa Nielsen
    Christa Nielsen
  • Christine Goodwin
    Christine Goodwin
  • Chuoc Lam
    Chuoc Lam
  • Cindy Nguyen
    Cindy Nguyen
  • Clenel Williams
    Clenel Williams
  • Clint Cook
    Clint Cook
  • Dave Schneider
    Dave Schneider
  • David Backs
    David Backs
  • Edgar Almaguer
    Edgar Almaguer
  • Emily Ciaccio
    Emily Ciaccio
  • Emily Hankins
    Emily Hankins
  • Enol Vallina
    Enol Vallina
  • Eoin Byrne
    Eoin Byrne
  • Erik Perka
    Erik Perka
  • Euiseok Jeong
    Euiseok Jeong
  • Eva Lynch
    Eva Lynch
  • Evan McQuillen
    Evan McQuillen
  • Evgeniya Plotnikova
    Evgeniya Plotnikova
  • George Shaw
    George Shaw Partner
  • Ginnefer Sharpe
    Ginnefer Sharpe
  • Godzilla
  • Graham Moore
    Graham Moore
  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson
  • Hal Eden
    Hal Eden
  • Hank Butitta
    Hank Butitta
  • Hanna Kato
    Hanna Kato
  • Hasti Afkham
    Hasti Afkham
  • Heather Bing
    Heather Bing
  • Howard Fitzpatrick
    Howard Fitzpatrick
  • Howard Howlett
    Howard Howlett
  • Jack Hatcher
    Jack Hatcher
  • Jeff Floor
    Jeff Floor
  • Jenn Chen
    Jenn Chen
  • Jenni Whitney
    Jenni Whitney
  • Jennifer DuHamel
    Jennifer DuHamel
  • Jennifer Milliron
    Jennifer Milliron
  • Jennifer Sasahara
    Jennifer Sasahara
  • Jeremy Schoenfeld
    Jeremy Schoenfeld
  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller
  • John Aldredge
    John Aldredge
  • John Chau
    John Chau Partner
  • John Lim
    John Lim
  • John Monnat
    John Monnat
  • John Mrozek
    John Mrozek
  • John Nesholm
    John Nesholm Founding Partner
  • John Pusey
    John Pusey
  • John Williamson
    John Williamson
  • Jon Gorder
    Jon Gorder
  • JP Alvarez
    JP Alvarez
  • Julie Adams
    Julie Adams Partner
  • Justin Schwartzhoff
    Justin Schwartzhoff
  • Kate Westbrook
    Kate Westbrook
  • Kathryn Nelson
    Kathryn Nelson
  • Kjell Anderson
    Kjell Anderson
  • Kristen Riley
    Kristen Riley
  • Kristian Norris
    Kristian Norris
  • Kyle Kiser
    Kyle Kiser
  • Lauren Hepner
    Lauren Hepner
  • Leah Briney
    Leah Briney
  • Lena Shulman
    Lena Shulman
  • Leo da Costa
    Leo da Costa
  • Lori Naig
    Lori Naig
  • Lori Stadler
    Lori Stadler
  • Marissa Kinsman
    Marissa Kinsman
  • Mark Arnold
    Mark Arnold
  • Mark La Venture
    Mark La Venture
  • Mark Nicol
    Mark Nicol
  • Mark Reddington
    Mark Reddington Partner
  • Mark Tumiski
    Mark Tumiski
  • Mary Skinner
    Mary Skinner
  • Masako Wada
    Masako Wada
  • Mette Greenshields
    Mette Greenshields
  • Michael Day
    Michael Day
  • Michael Petersen
    Michael Petersen
  • Michelle Gonzalez
    Michelle Gonzalez
  • Nick Freese
    Nick Freese
  • Osama Quotah
    Osama Quotah Partner
  • Pamela Trevithick
    Pamela Trevithick Partner
  • Phuoc Huynh
    Phuoc Huynh
  • Rafael Vinoly
    Rafael Vinoly Partner
  • Ramon Morales
    Ramon Morales
  • Randy Miller
    Randy Miller
  • Rhonda Faison
    Rhonda Faison
  • Rich Johnson
    Rich Johnson
  • Rob Curran
    Rob Curran
  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith
  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller Partner
  • Scott Crawford
    Scott Crawford
  • Seiji Watanabe
    Seiji Watanabe
  • Shima Sahebnassagh
    Shima Sahebnassagh
  • Sonja Miranda
    Sonja Miranda
  • Sree Iyer
    Sree Iyer
  • Stephen DeMayo
    Stephen DeMayo
  • Stephen Van Dyck
    Stephen Van Dyck Partner
  • Steve DelFraino
    Steve DelFraino
  • Sunmin Whang
    Sunmin Whang
  • Susan Fore
    Susan Fore
  • Susan Lowance
    Susan Lowance
  • Tanner Kirchoff
    Tanner Kirchoff
  • Teena Videriksen
    Teena Videriksen
  • Thomas Christensen
    Thomas Christensen
  • Thomas Friedl
    Thomas Friedl
  • Tina Suh
    Tina Suh
  • Todd Schwisow
    Todd Schwisow
  • Tom Burgess
    Tom Burgess
  • Tracy Phillips
    Tracy Phillips
  • Tyler Schaffer
    Tyler Schaffer
  • Vanessa Abin
    Vanessa Abin
  • Vanessa Ly
    Vanessa Ly
  • Veronica Macalinao
    Veronica Macalinao
  • Vortanak Nget
    Vortanak Nget
  • Walt Niehoff
    Walt Niehoff Partner
  • Wendy Pautz
    Wendy Pautz
  • Yoshi Mugishima
    Yoshi Mugishima