We embrace a wide range of influences in our approach to urban design, with multi-discipline collaboration at the heart of the process.

Our goal is to imagine new possibilities for human interaction and experience, creating a clear perspective of both public and private sector activity and market dynamics. Through a comprehensive integration of economic, social and physical planning considerations, we address a broad range of needs including those of the larger community and surrounding environment.

LMN’s urban design expertise includes downtown plans, commercial development plans, park master plans, streetscape designs, transit-oriented development and design guidelines. This diverse body of work involves many different types of clients, from communities to public agencies to private developers. In addition to designing urban places, we provide communities the tools to manage and direct development through policies, programs and strategic investments.

As part of our integrated practice, our approach to urban design is enriched by our architectural experience and understanding of a wide diversity of public and private building types. We believe that all projects must be designed to meet marketplace needs and also enhance the quality and sustainability of the built environment. We view community and stakeholder participants as critical contributors to the process, ensuring the design evolves in step with their knowledge and aspirations.