Shoreline Urbanization


Shoreline, Washington


City of Shoreline

Collaborators +

Civil Engineering: Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Landscape Architecture: HBB Landscape Architecture

Multi-modal Planning: Coffman Industries, LLC

Community Engagement: EnviroIssues

Project Status

In Progress


Urban Design

In response to the opening of two new light rail stations, the City of Shoreline has been planning to become a more dense, walkable, urban community. LMN has supported the City through this transition by providing planning and design services for the 145th and 185th Street corridors in order to create multi-modal connectivity to the new stations and make great streets for businesses and residents. In addition to corridor planning and design, LMN has bolstered the City’s development code by providing missing-middle residential design standards to allow for new residential projects that balance the needs of the community, residents, and businesses. On these projects, LMN worked closely with the City of Shoreline to develop innovative community engagement techniques, strategy and framework plans, corridor plans, and design guidelines.