Education Design

We are continually inspired by opportunities to create physical environments that nourish academic communities across the full spectrum of programs, organizational structures and institutional missions. Having been immersed in programming, planning and design of education facilities for more than two decades, the knowledge we gain from each design exploration progressively informs the possibilities for subsequent assignments. Through all of this work we exert powerful focus on the specific conditions of program, place and community.

LMN’s education experience includes more than 140 projects on 45 university and college campuses, as well as several recent high school projects. The scope of this work encompasses new buildings, renovations, adaptive re-use, campus master planning, precinct studies and many combinations thereof. We are committed to engaging the unique character and vision of each campus and user group, cultivated through our team-based approach and on-going relationships with education clients, faculty and campus representatives.

We keep current with educational trends and supplement our project experience with independent research initiatives and post-occupancy evaluations. In addition to designing instruction and research spaces that are highly responsive and adaptable to the program needs, we also place a great deal of attention on “in-between” spaces to foster social interaction and the unique cultural attributes of the particular academic community.