With each assignment, we progressively test and advance our designs, making new discoveries and gaining further insight into the derivation of architecture from the essential project considerations. It is a process fueled by an open, engaging spirit of collaboration and a commitment to the evolution of our design excellence and innovation.


Every design assignment presents a set of specific program requirements and functional activities. Our approach embraces spatial organization and technical needs as essential form-givers, employing rigorous analysis of user culture, functional relationships, and peer facility benchmarking. We seek to distill these core qualities into clear program objectives that can be supported and expressed in the functional and aesthetic character of the design.


Architecture, at its most fundamental level, reveals and celebrates inherent qualities of the particular region, community and site. A building functions in relationship to the fabric of its physical location and community of users, as well as its social, cultural and environmental context.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe architecture that harmoniously connects human activity with our natural world is inherently good and we strive to engage these essential connections in the design of every project. We apply visionary thinking from the outset to ensure that environmental principles are integrated with the strategic goals of the project, from conceptual design through building occupancy.


Just as the culture of a community is created from the actions of individuals and interpersonal relationships, so too does the success of an overall design concept rely on the critical details of materiality and craftsmanship. Every aspect of design and construction has the opportunity to support and enrich the project’s cultural meaning and user experience.