Convention Center Design

LMN is a recognized leader in the evolution of convention centers as catalysts for civic prosperity. Over three decades of planning and design of convention facilities, we’ve leveraged project opportunities to enrich urban vitality in union with the broader social, cultural and economic dynamics of the community. Our experience includes more than 70 convention center projects throughout the world, new facilities and expansions as well as renovation and re-positioning projects.

We employ an integrated approach comprised of master planning, architecture, urban design and interior design to produce whole solutions that embrace natural ecology, landscape, public art and community space as an extension of the facility. On all of these assignments, we lead the design within a highly collaborative team structure and community process.

The resulting projects are highly functional and flexible to serve the continually changing needs of convention, conference and tradeshow markets. Each project creates a unique destination experience through deep engagement of its surroundings. Civic benefits include activation of public space; stimulation of commercial activity; creation of new opportunities for community events and cultural programs; and preservation of natural ecosystems in concert with urban infrastructure. The overall results are economically successful facilities and civic architecture uniquely expressive of place.