Civic Design

LMN is committed to advancing the ways in which architecture supports and fosters civic life. We have been continually involved with planning and design of civic facilities since the inception of our practice, including museums, libraries and government buildings. The scale of work ranges from small community art centers and museums to major landmark buildings, typically in support of programs and constituent groups that operate within a broader urban precinct or campus. These assignments are frequently performed in multiple steps—initiated with feasibility analysis and master planning, followed by conceptual design to support fundraising, then final design and project delivery.

Civic buildings bring people together around shared interests and community purpose. The success of the architecture is defined by how people experience institutional values and collective aspirations, as manifested through its physical presence within the public realm. Our projects have been extensively recognized for creating unique expressions of community—where the experience of the architecture is rooted in the both the aspirations and substance of civic life.