618 John Street


Seattle, Washington


Gemdale USA Corporation

Collaborators +

General Contractor: Howard S. Wright Construction

Structural Engineering: DCI Engineers

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering: Holaday Parks

Electrical Engineering: Rushing

Civil Engineering: Navix Engineering

Landscape Architecture: Hewitt Architects

Project Status

In Progress


Architecture, Interior Design

618 John is designed to create memorable experiences that invite employees back to the office. Located at a prominent gateway into downtown, near Seattle Center and the Space Needle, 618 John is a welcoming and flexible office building that uplifts its users and the surrounding community. Built to foster connections, it offers flexible workspaces within an ecosystem of social amenities. From spacious public plazas to large terraces on the upper floors, the building features outdoor social gathering areas that encourage interconnectedness and community.

The building’s design reflects the natural and urban context of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. 618 John is conceived as a rocky alpine mountaintop shrouded by clouds. The building’s reflective volumes echo the sky, creating a dynamic, surprising appearance that shifts throughout the day and over the year. The spaces between the clouds support active social areas and lead to outdoor terraces. As a catalyst for change in a neighborhood in transition, 618 John will set an example for design that strengthens social connections amongst its users and the larger Seattle community.