Speaking Engagements

LMN professionals frequently speak at local, regional, national and international conferences, workshop, panels, and symposia on a wide range of project types and design methodologies.  We are known for progressive design thinking that enriches communities, with nationally recognized expertise in design technology, sustainability, project delivery, and community process. Our speaking engagements include are not solely dominated by our firm’s partners — professionals at all levels within LMN take the opportunity to share their knowledge, tell their stories of discovery, and flex their public speaking talents.

Presentation Name
Los Angeles, CA 2020 Mastering Energy Modeling Kjell Anderson
Cleveland, OH 2020 Presenter: "Delivering Campus Climate Action, including Emobied and Operational Carbon" Kjell Anderson
Seattle, WA 2020 Presenter: "Olmsted Legacy Reimagined" Adam Amhrein
Madrid, Spain 2020 Grand Avenue Traverse: Uniting Accessibility, Utilities and Economy into a New Experience Stephen Van Dyck, Scott Crawford
Portland, OR 2020 Moderator: Evolving Role of the Engineer George Shaw
San Diego, CA 2020 Panelist: "Custom Technologies for Better Buildings: Harvesting Data to Improve Outcomes" George Shaw
Seattle, WA 2020 Panelist: “Smart Buildings”—2020 Stephen Van Dyck
2020 Jury Member Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2018 Workshop Leader: CPARB Design-Build Best Practices George Shaw
2019 Council Member Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2019 Lecture: Ideas to Artifacts-Musings on the future of delivering buildings Stephen Van Dyck
New York, NY 2019 Panelist: Incubation Stephen Van Dyck
Shoreditch, London 2019 Jury Member Stephen Van Dyck
Bellevue, WA 2019 Keynote Brian Tennyson
Frankfurt, Germany 2019 Panelist: Staying competitive: Building the case for evolving your centre product "Life on the Edge" Rafael Vinoly-Menedez
San Diego, CA 2019 Panelist: Utilizing Public-Private Partnership (P3) Procurement to Deliver CSE Civic Development Projects George Shaw
San Diego, CA 2019 Panelist: Destination Readiness George Shaw
Seattle, WA 2019 SIAF: Changes in International Practice John Chau
Denver, CO 2019 Panelist: "Taking POE to the Next Level to Measure Space Performance" Plamena Milusheva
Scottsdale, AZ 2019 Panelist: "Building with purpose: Designing for the future with the past in mind" Rafael Vinoly-Menedez
Boise, Idaho 2019 Turning Convention Centers Inside Out Leo da Costa and Brian Tennyson
New Orleans, LA 2018 Learning From UC Irvine - A Pioneer of Design-Build for Educational Facilities Howard Howlett
Seattle, WA 2018 Panelist: "WSCC Project Update" Leo da Costa
Seattle, WA 2018 Presenter: "On the Boards: Ocean Pavilion" Mark Reddington
Seattle, WA 2018 Panelist: "Lean Design" Stephen Van Dyck
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "True Confessions: Why We're Not Meeting Our Energy Goals-And What to Do About It" Kjell Anderson
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "Planning, Action, Impact: Firm Action Plans for Carbon Neutrality" Julie Adams
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "Design Snapshots: Solutions on the West Coast" Mark Reddington
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "Show Me the Money? Exploring Pay Transparency" Wendy Pautz
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "Assessing Your Building's Whole Life Cycle" Brad Benke
2018 Panelist: "How Far Can Automation Go?" Stephen Van Dyck
London, UK 2018 Podcast discussing LMN and Seattle Stephen Van Dyck
New York, NY 2018 Panelist: "The Master Builder: Fabrication and Prototyping in the Design Studio" Stephen Van Dyck
Los Angeles, CA 2018 Panelist: "Designing - and Building - the Future's Infrastructure" Stephen Van Dyck
National Webcast 2018 "Project StaSIO - A Means for Improving Communication and Decision Making" Kjell Anderson
Seattle, WA 2018 Applying LCA Tools and Analysis to Materials Throughout Project Phases Brad Behnke
Champaign, IL 2018 "LMN Architects: In Service" Stephen Van Dyck
Fredericton, NB, Canada 2017 "Innovations in Public Space Design" Brian Tennyson
Lynnwood, WA 2017 "Public Venue Design" Julie Adams and Brian Tennyson
New Orleans, LA 2017 “Back to the Future: A Look at Multipurpose Spaces, How They’ve Changed and What’s Next” Julie Adams
Knoxville, TN 2017 "LMN Architects: In Service" Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2017 "Early Energy Modeling with COTE" Kjell Anderson, Panelist
Seattle, WA 2017 "High Performance Facades" Jessica Miller, Stephen Van Dyck, Kate Rufe
Seattle, WA 2017 “Advocacy: Models in Professional Practice” Jack Chaffin
Seattle, WA 2016 “The Future of Project Delivery” Jack Chaffin
Seattle, WA 2017 "Disruptive Tech & Data-Driven Design" Stephen Van Dyck, Panelist
Bellevue, WA 2017 "Looking into the Future – the Evolving Convention Center" Brian Tennyson and Leo Da Costa
Charleston, SC 2017 "Going Beyond" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Seattle, WA 2017 "I Love the ’80s: Updating Nonhistoric Vintage Buildings for 2017’s Office Tenants" Walt Niehoff
Seattle, WA 2017 "New Light-Rail Transit Expands UW’s Mobility and Urban Connectivity" Mark Reddington and John Petterson
Seattle, WA 2017 "A Proven Design-Build Process From UC Irvine, an Industry Pioneer in Design-Build" George Shaw
Washington, DC 2016 "Going Beyond" Mark Reddington
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2016 "Going Beyond: Mark Reddington
Bozeman, MT 2016 "Going Beyond" Walt Niehoff
Phoenix, AZ 2016 "Going Beyond" Wendy Pautz
Copper Mountain, CO 2016 "Going Beyond" George Shaw and John Chau
Stillwater, OK 2016 "Going Beyond" John Chau
Stillwater, OK 2016 "Going Beyond" John Chau
Omaha, NB 2016 "Going Beyond" Stephen Van Dyck
Online Series Course 2016 " Accentuate The Positive: Climate Responsive Design" Kjell Anderson
Salt Lake City, UT 2016 “So Happy Together: Architects and Energy Modelers Informing Building Design” Kjell Anderson
Portland, OR 2016 "Getting the Most Out of Energy Modeling During the Design Phase" Kjell Anderson
Nantes, France 2016 "How Can Design Help Deliver on New Expectations" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Philadelphia, PA 2016 ARCHITECT Live: "Seattle 2020" John Chau and Walt Niehoff
Philadelphia, PA 2016 Pro Series: "Understanding Firm Culture and The Impact on the Next Generation" Sam Miller, Jessica Miller, Scott Crawford, Mona Zellers, Taylor Massey and Mark Tumiski
Philadelphia, PA 2016 "Architecture Firm Award" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez, Wendy Pautz, Stephen Van Dyck, Lori Naig, Steve DelFraino and Kate Rufe
Philadelphia, PA 2016 "8 Amazing Minutes: Small Talks by Big Winners" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Gleneden Beach, OR 2016 "Collaborative Delivery" Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2013 "Revit and Grasshopper Interoperability Workflows" Jack Chaffin and Tim Logan
Seattle, WA 2015 "Architecture, Energy, Simulations: Discussion on LMN’s path to 2030 Goals" Kjell Anderson
San Francisco, CA 2015 "Social Learning at LMN" Jack Chaffin and Scott Crawford
Las Vegas, NV 2015 "Innovation Forum: How Technology is Transforming Architectural Practice" Stephen Van Dyck
Calgary, Alberta Canada 2015 "Trends in Convention Center Design" Brian Tennyson
New York City, NY 2015 "Evolving Modes of R+D in Practice" Stephen Van Dyck and Scott Crawford
Seattle, WA 1997 "Leonardo's Symphonic Legacy" Mark Reddington
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 2010 "Renovations and Expansions — What you can do with what you've got" Brian Tennyson
Liverpool, UK 2010 "About LEED — North American Sustainability Benchmarking" Chris Eseman
Liverpool, UK 2010 "Concepts to Design — Understanding the Design Process" Chris Eseman & Rafael Vinoly Menendez
A Coruna, Spain 2009 "Changing Industry Conditions — An Outline of Industry Trends" Chris Eseman
Portland, OR 2008 "Vancouver Convention Centre West" Brian Tennyson
Vancouver BC, Canada 2008 "So You Want to Build a Green Convention Centre" Brian Tennyson
New York, NY 2008 "Music + Architecture" Mark Reddington
Washington, DC 2006 "How Environmental Concerns Shape Design Philosophy" Mark Reddington
San Francisco, CA 2005 "Thinking Inside the Box Transforming Existing Facilities" Chris Eseman
Cleveland, OH 2005 "Discovering the Next Generation of Convention and Exhibition, Contemporary Architectural Design Issues" Chris Eseman
Tempe, AZ 2005 "Convention Center Facility Development: Expansion in Context" Chris Eseman
San Diego, CA 2005 "Music + Space" Mark Reddington
Anchorage, AK 2004 "When the Building is Over" Chris Eseman
Orlando, FL 2004 "The Be-all-Room: Defining the Convention Center Ballroom" Chris Eseman
Seattle, WA 2004 "Facility Expansion-We're Still Open for Business" Brian Tennyson
St. Petersburg, FL 2004 "Convention Center Facility Development: Trends in Design" Chris Eseman
Pasadena, CA 2003 "Convention Centers of the New Millennium Design Trends, Hopes and Dreams" Chris Eseman
Las Vegas, NV 2002 "Leveraging Your Bets-Public Higher Education/Private Industry" George Shaw
1999 "Concert Hall Design" Mark Reddington
Vancouver BC, Canada 2013 "Multiple strategies for Program Validation and Tracking in Revit" Jack Chaffin, Stephen Van Dyck, Scott Crawford, Tim Logan and Erick Katzenstein
Salt Lake City, UT 2013 "From Dreams to Reality: The Transition from Planning to New Facilities" Sam Miller
Seattle, WA 2013 "The Octahedron: Public Interaction through Design" Scott Crawford
Seattle, WA 2013 "Making Stuff" Jack Chaffin, Stephen Van Dyck, Scott Crawford, Tim Logan and Erick Katzenstein
Denver, CO 2013 "Beyond the Buzz - Critical Perspectives on Place Making" George Shaw
Seattle, WA 2012 "International Design Build Procurement" Rob Widmeyer
Amsterdam, Netherlands 2012 "Convention Centre Design and Development" Chris Eseman
San Francisco, CA 2012 "R&D: Reinvention & Redesign" Sam Miller
Eugene, OR 2012 "All Models Are Wrong But Some Are Useful" Scott Crawford
Boston, MA 2011 "Process Makes Progress: Generative Tools for Project Delivery" Scott Crawford and Stephen Van Dyck
Minneapolis, MN 2011 "Process Makes Progress" Scott Crawford
Seattle, WA 2011 "Digital Craft and Agile Design" Stephen Van Dyck
Brussels, Belgium 2011 "From Ideas to Design" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Toronto, Canada 2011 "Urban Development and Transit System Design" Mark Reddington
Seattle, WA 2011 "A Presentation on Presentations" Scott Crawford
New York, NY 2010 "A Breathing Building Skin" Scott Crawford
Vancouver BC, Canada 2010 "Radical Pragmatism: New Modes of Architectural Practice" George Shaw
Hollywood, FL 2013 "Renovating and Repurposing Buildings: University of Iowa School of Music" Sam Miller
Seattle, WA 2013 "LMN Tech Studio: Systematic and Material Discoveries" Stephen Van Dyck
Denver, CO 2013 "Vancouver Convention Centre West & University of Washington Foster School of Business" Mark Reddington
Iowa City, IA 2013 "LMN Tech Studio: Research and Development" Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2014 "LMNts: A Technology Studio's Journey from Experiment to Impact" Scott Crawford
Seattle, WA 2014 "Infrastructure, Community, and Collaboration" Scott Crawford
Pittsburgh, PA 2014 "Beyond the Buzz — Unpacking Spaces for Social Learning" Dave Schneider, Robert Smith & Adrian MacDonald
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 2013 "Facility Adaptation — For Evolving Client Needs" Brian Tennyson
San Francisco, CA 2013 "Collaborative Research: Breaking Boundaries by Connecting Practices" Stephen Van Dyck
Brussels, Belgium 2013 "Venue Design: a Critical Component of the Product Equation" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Cape Town, South Africa 2013 "Adaptive Design: Architectural Solutions to both Client and Community Challenge" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
New York, NY 2013 "High Performance: Suspended Theatroacoustic System for a Concert Hall" Stephen Van Dyck and Scott Crawford
Las Vegas, NV 2013 "Design Process Under Development" Scott Crawford
Vancouver BC, Canada 2013 "Vancouver Convention Centre West" Sam Miller
Vancouver, BC, Canada 2013 "Practical Evolution: Research and Development and the Nimble Practice" Stephen Van Dyck & Jack Chaffin
Destin, FL 2013 "Sustainability and Urbanism: Vancouver Convention Centre West" Mark Reddington
Salt Lake City, UT 2013 "We Can Help Model That" Scott Crawford
New York, NY 2013 "Proto-Typical: How Fabrication Informs Design" Scott Crawford and Stephen Van Dyck
Seattle, WA 2013 "University of Washington, Foster School of Business" Mark Reddington and Dave Schnedier
Seattle, WA 2013 "Tool Marks" Scott Crawford
Spokane, WA 2014 "The Design/Build Method" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez & Brian Tennyson
Ames, IA 2014 "Process Makes Progress: The New University of Iowa School of Music" Stephen Van Dyck
Brussels, Belgium 2014 "Centers in Context" Rafael Vinoly-Menendez
Chicago, IL 2014 "Using Parametric Environmental Analysis for High Performance Building Design" Kjell Anderson
Seattle, WA 2014 "The Ethical Internship: Mentoring Students to Become Professionals" Sam Miller
National Webcast 2014 "Adding Client Value with Building Energy Modeling — What Architects Should Do!" Kjell Anderson
Seattle, WA 2014 "New Ideas Need Old Buildings: Museums, Cities, and Adaptive Reuse" Sam Miller
Bellevue, WA 2014 "LMN Architects: Design 20/20" Lori Naig
National Webcast 2014 "Climate Analysis for Architects" Kjell Anderson
National Webcast 2014 "In-House Daylight Modeling: 3 Firms Share how they do it" Kjell Anderson
National Webcast 2014 "Natural Ventilation: Will the breeze follow your arrows?" Kjell Anderson
National Webcast 2014 "Shoebox Modeling" Kjell Anderson
Chicago, IL 2014 "Integrated Theatro-Acoustic Systems" George Shaw and Scott Crawford
Seattle, WA 2014 "Surviving the Costs and Risks of the Design-Build Selection Process" Rob Widmeyer
Seattle, WA 2014 "Bright Lights, Big City: Daylight and Glare in the Urban Environment" Kjell Anderson
London, UK 2014 "Bridges+Composites+The Pacific Northwest" Scott Crawford
New Orleans, LA 2014 "Daylight Simulation at Four Architecture Firms" Kjell Anderson
Vancouver, BC, Canada 2014 "5x8xthe Future" Brian Tennyson
Vancouver, BC, Canada 2014 "Vancouver 2020" Mark Reddington
National Webcast 2015 "Whole Building Energy Analysis for Architects?" Kjell Anderson