929 Office Tower

Bellevue, Washington

Project Size:

402,000 square feet

Project Status:

Anticipated Completion 2015

LEED Status:

Certified LEED Core and Shell Gold


Interior Design, Urban Mixed Use Design


Another Bellevue Tower Starts

Daily Journal of Commerce, 06/12/2014

Setting a precedent for the next generation of high-rises in downtown Bellevue, the 929 Office Tower offers tenants a set of amenities, technology, and finishes similar to a high-end hospitality experience. The LEED Gold project builds on the emerging dense, mixed-use character of downtown, balancing its traditional auto-oriented commuter pattern with increasing levels of pedestrian and residential activity.

Program and Site
The 19-story, Class A office tower lies midway along the edge of a 600’x600’ “super block.” The design adds a new street through the block, opening up opportunities for pedestrian and vehicular access, while endowing the tower with a strong corner presence. The ground level is devoted to retail storefronts and an expansive Great Room, including social lounges, conference facilities, and a fitness center. A new parking garage, sited behind the building at the center of the block, connects to the ground level via a semi-covered pedestrian plaza, large enough to host outdoor seating and spillover from conference events.

To amplify the tower’s identity, the massing forms a distinctive “lantern” over the primary street entrance, lit with exterior LEDs at each floor level to create a striking vertical pattern on the downtown skyline. The gesture signals the project’s forward-looking vision – it is the first in Bellevue to meet the new state energy code, and among the first in the world to offer tenants interactive “smart” technologies such as individual control of lighting, elevator calls, and air conditioning through phone apps. The office floor design – featuring 9-foot ceilings – enables the penetration of daylight deep into the core, and emphasizes the building’s flexibility for the unique needs of tenants in the tech sector.

On the ground floor, the Great Room soaks in southern light due to the building’s long, rectangular footprint. The interior design embraces this linear condition, conceiving the space as a progression of moments that collect users entering at either end toward a central fireplace and social lounge at the elevator core. Conference spaces occur at strategic intervals, offering a range of meeting modes – fully open, semi-private, and enclosed – through careful placement of glass walls, wall screens, plantings, and furnishings. Responding to the angle of daylight through the south-facing glass, the ceiling begins high along the outer window wall, and steps down in tiers as it approaches the inner mass of the building core, producing a dynamic interplay of light, shadows, and materiality.