Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center Expansion and Hotel Planning Study


LMN performs planning services in various forms of project feasibility assessment across a wide range of market sectors and program typologies. In various combinations suited to the project needs, these efforts commonly encompass:

  • Facility programming
  • Master-planning
  • Economic feasibility
  • Business and operational planning
  • Environmental analysis
  • Concept design
  • Project cost analysis

We employ a research-based methodology that combines extensive analysis of facility metrics with conceptual design exploration—seeking out diverse perspectives and creative input from project stakeholders, users and community/campus representatives, as well as other consultants and design collaborators.

The particular focus and level-of-detail for each assignment is tailored to the specific conditions, institutional goals, program uses and budgetary parameters. The pre-design work establishes a comprehensive physical and economic framework to support project funding and approval processes. At the core of the effort is creating a conceptual design vision inspired by the mission of the program and—more broadly—the opportunity to enrich the surrounding urban/campus community.