State Route 520 Seattle Lids and Bridges

Project Size:

Gross area: 24 acres

Project Status:

Completed 2018


Urban Design

More than 50 years ago, State Route 520 (SR 520) divided some of Seattleā€™s most historic neighborhoods to create a connection over Lake Washington to the growing Eastside communities. This project aims to reknit Seattle's residential and open space fabric while upgrading the lifeline structure of SR 520 to be seismically and environmentally resilient, multi-modal, and forward compatible with future transit. LMN's work on the project includes 30% design, planning, and RFP document procurement for an interconnected system of lids and land bridges that enable and host a never-realized Olmsted plan for major boulevards, parks, and open spaces. Through these LMN has coordinated with various stakeholder groups, public agencies, and members of the public to design the plazas, outlooks, bicycle and pedestrian networks, transit facilities, and finishes for the Seattle based portion of this corridor.