Just in time for the Canadian Football League’s 2015 Grey Cup Festival, the Winnipeg Convention Centre’s iconic City Room is on schedule to complete construction this November. Part of a 286,000-sf facility expansion designed by LMN Architects in association LM/Number 10 Architects, the City Room features a 30,000-sf ceiling with a suspended steel armature inspired by ice crystal and floe patterns. Using parametric modeling, LMN Tech Studio and the design team developed a single ‘crystal’ that could be combined in numerous patterns to create the effect of an organic whole. Eventscape, a Toronto-based fabricator, worked closely with LMN Tech Studio to detail, fabricate, and install 325 of the steel crystals, as well as 84 lighting elements custom-designed for the ceiling. The room spans York Avenue, with an urban-scaled glass wall integrating the beauty and energy of the event space with the life of the city.