Grand Avenue Park Bridge Opening

A new viewing platform and civic space with an inventive, accessible pathway. 10/05/2020

Seattle, Washington – October 5th, 2020 – LMN Architects celebrates the completion of the Grand Avenue Park Bridge in Everett, Washington. The
257-foot-long asymmetrical weathering steel truss spans from the hillside to a vertical concrete tower, creating a sequence of new civic spaces and connecting
Grand Avenue Park with Everett’s growing waterfront district.

Elevating utilitarian infrastructure to a thoughtfully designed community asset, the Grand Avenue Park Bridge highlights the value of rethinking public realm design. The bridge transforms the Everett waterfront, establishing a new connection between the historical Grand Avenue Park and the city’s developing waterfront
district. At the bridge’s recent opening, Mayor Cassie Franklin commented, “It is a beautiful bridge, it is a utility project, and it is going to be part of our city for
generations to come. It is a gorgeous new asset.”