Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle, Washington

LMN is deeply honored to receive the 2016 Architecture Firm Award, the highest honor the American Institute of Architects bestows upon an architecture firm. This award transcends individual project accomplishments, recognizing one architectural practice every year for sustained design excellence and extraordinary contributions to the profession and broader society. We are indebted to our many clients, user groups, collaborators, consultants and employees throughout the years for their critical contributions in the achievement of this significant milestone.

Design Excellence
Since 1979, LMN has dedicated its practice to the health and vitality of communities of all kinds. We believe design is pervasive, encompassing all aspects of architectural practice and involving all project participants.  Our continuing focus is to create built environments that question, rethink and improve upon the status quo.  The consistently high quality of work, across a wide-range of project types, has been recognized by more than 200 local, regional, national and international design awards.

Civic Impact
As the world’s population migrates toward urban areas, architecture—with its power to catalyze urban vitality and enrich public life—has never been so important. Through more than 150 civic, cultural, institutional, and mixed-use projects in 80 North American cities, we have embraced this responsibility by designing projects that engage the diverse patterns of community life, sharpen civic identity and promote sustainable urbanization.

Communities and Networks
Community engagement is a way of life at LMN—we are not only in the business of vitalizing cities, we are also activists. For decades, young and seasoned architects alike at LMN have volunteered to lead boards, commissions, and task forces separate from our paid assignments. This community ethos extends to our collaborative design approach, with multiple disciplines playing important roles in projects and emerging professionals pursuing a myriad of interests through the platform of our design practice.

Technology Innovation
In 2008, LMN created a design technology lab, LMN Tech Studio (LMNts), to develop and oversee research related to new digital fabrication and modeling platforms. The LMNts blog averages 4,500+ unique visits per month, sharing the team’s expertise, explorations, and open-source code with the larger design community. In 2015, we built on this core competency by establishing the LMN Shop, an in-house digital fabrication workshop available to all project teams to make large-scale models, architectural component prototypes and construction mockups for hands-on development with our clients and collaborators.

Looking Forward
It is our deeply held belief that the best architecture—places of great utility and imagination, spaces people naturally gravitate to and feel inspired by—results from open, honest, inquisitive collaboration enriched by multiple perspectives. Working as one studio; trusting the team; courting principled risk; relaxing traditional boundaries; promoting the energy and wit of young architects; leveraging applied research; and uniting design with construction prototyping—LMN is a design collective for whom every act of architecture is first and finally a commitment to community. In this spirit, we look forward to the next decades of exploration, discovery and innovation in dialogue with doers, makers and visionaries, locally and around the world.