A New Vision for Toronto’s St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts



St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

“The proposal that won the competition, created by a team led by Hariri Pontarini Architects that includes LMN Architects, the Indigenous-led firms Tawaw Architecture Collective and Smoke Architecture with Danish landscape practice SLA, is called Transparence. It puts forth a vision in brilliant contrast to the inscrutable concrete slab that currently sits at the intersection of Front and Scott Streets: While the SLCA is a beloved place, the building as it is suffers from a visually unremarkable presence that’s dwarfed by the heftier, more assertive Meridian Hall. Hariri Pontarini et al’s design, which retains the existing’s footprint and portions of its original low-slung Brutalist facade, is a breath of fresh air in comparison. Yet, it also feels of a piece with much of Toronto’s contemporary cultural architecture: glass boxes, elegantly stacked. Lovely, yes. Surprising? Not really.”
— Elizabeth Pagliacolo

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