Seattle Convention Center Summit Building - Exterior

We design environments that elevate the social experience.


Our practice empowers people and communities to shape their futures.

Our projects connect people to place and to one another, helping enrich their surroundings and build a better experience, together.


Buxton Center for Bainbridge Performing Arts - Interior

Our collaborative, inquisitive culture informs our design process from start to finish.

One Interdisciplinary Studio

We are a Seattle-based architecture, urban design, and interiors practice with a transdisciplinary, research-based approach shaped by the particularities of each project. Our teams regularly include a mix of architects, interior designers, urban designers, sustainability experts, and design researchers to match project vision with in-house expertise.

Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa_659
Arts + Culture

Arts + culture projects are aspirational spaces that bring people together. Our deep experience in the design of performing arts centers, cultural arts districts, and museums has honed our rigorous technical approach to these complex spaces, where we create integrated, flexible environments that foster creativity and engage communities.


Seattle Convention Center, Summit Building - Exterior
Convention Centers

Convention centers have the potential to make significant and multifaceted contributions to the life of a city. As critical community assets for public convening, these projects foreground functionality, access, and resilience. Our transdisciplinary approach combines architecture, urban design, landscape, interior design, environmental graphics, and public art to create future-ready elements of cultural urban infrastructure.



Educational environments are living organisms that generate connections within academic communities, and between institutions and their surroundings. We create spaces for learning and research that respond to site and context, foster spontaneous social engagement, and meet the evolving needs of a diverse, interdisciplinary student body.


Mukilteo Multimodal Ferry Terminal - Exterior

Transportation networks are essential civic assets that contribute to long-term community resilience. Our work is rooted in a deep understanding of each project’s technical needs as well as their broader urban potential, striving to integrate seamlessly with their physical and social environments. We innovate transportation projects that go beyond functional needs to establish accessible, culturally relevant places.


Sound Transit University District Station - Exterior
Urban Design

Urban design projects lay the groundwork for a more integrated, human-centered city. Our multidisciplinary urban design approach imagines new possibilities for human interaction and experience, framed within the many intertwined built systems that support city life. Partnering with community stakeholders, our process prioritizes equity, sustainability, and connectivity.


Graystone - Exterior
Urban Mixed Use

Each mixed-use project has the potential to transform the cultural landscape of its context. Our approach prioritizes healthy and welcoming mixed-use projects that integrate with their surroundings in generative ways. Our forward-looking projects, from towers to campus headquarters and neighborhood places, have transformative impacts on users and communities.