Seattle’s Audacious Aquarium Throws Builders Swerves, Curves, Twists and Turns


Engineering News Record

Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion

“Fish gotta swim—and especially turn—might as well have been the mantra for LMN, which designed the building from the inside out for the exhibits’ 3,500 tropical sea creatures, called animals, and plants. The doubly curved shape of the main tank is based on the turning radii and swimming habits of sharks and rays.

“The pavilion will house immersive living exhibits, including coral reefs and mangroves; back-of-house functions; and an amphitheater. An overhead oculus window above the building’s cantilevered south entrance will allow the public to view the Coral Canyon ecosystem exhibit without buying a ticket. ‘We wanted to engage’ some of the millions of visitors to Seattle each year who will pass by, says Mark Reddington.”
— Nadine M. Post

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