LMN Architects Expands Leadership Team with Addition of Three New Partners


Seattle, Washington – January 15, 2021 – LMN Architects is pleased to announce the addition of three new partners to join the leadership of the firm: Julie Adams, Osama Quotah, and Pamela Trevithick. This expansion of the partnership enhances LMN’s capacity to undertake complex planning and design assignments across both public and private market sectors—ranging from small-scale projects to major institutional facilities and urban districts.

With a focus on the future, LMN Architects continues to ensure the firm evolves in alignment with LMN’s core values. Julie, Osama, and Pamela are the kind of generalist practitioners that have been at the core of the firm’s success over its 41-year history. Each has demonstrated exceptional capabilities across design, technical resolution, project management, client relations and strategic business development.

“We are thrilled to welcome Julie, Osama and Pamela to the partnership” says Partner Sam Miller, FAIA. “Collectively they bring versatility, depth of expertise, and a diversity of experience which will enhance LMN’s ability to advance our practice and contribute to the growth of our profession.”

Julie Adams has been a leader in the performing arts and education markets, leading some of the firm’s most prominent projects, both locally and nationally, through skillful engagement of multi-faceted client groups. Her pragmatic professionalism is paired with a deeply empathetic leadership style. She has been a generous mentor and a careful steward of LMN’s culture.

Osama Quotah leads with a passion for the firm’s work, and his impact extends far beyond the walls of LMN’s studio. He has demonstrated a deep engagement in the local community and advocacy for design as a force for positive change. Osama’s ability to collaborate and communicate LMN’s vision has been instrumental in the success of important cultural and civic projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Pamela Trevithick has demonstrated a commitment to nurturing professional relationships essential to the ongoing success of her projects, clients, and peers. She has led a variety of teams across an array of project typologies, navigating challenges with a steady hand and continually building trust with clients and project stakeholders. Her leadership has been instrumental in broadening the impact and strengthening the resiliency of the firm.

All three individuals have developed strong personal connections across the practice, from emerging professionals to senior firm leaders. As partners, they will work to strengthen cross-generational collaboration and mentoring to improve growth opportunities throughout all aspects of the practice. They will continue their daily leadership of existing projects and reinforce LMN’s capacity to engage new opportunities. They each embody the notion that LMN’s collective intellect, creativity, and passion for design is our most powerful asset—and that individual success is indistinguishable from team success.