In full disclosure, LMN is an office of geeks.*

* = a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and expertise about a specialized subject or activity

We take the culture of our firm seriously, as a direct reflection of the authenticity and connectedness we seek to manifest in our work. When we are not channeling our energy into generating profound and pragmatic solutions for our clients, we explore and cultivate our passions, incubating intellectual experimentation and community that supplies the fertile soil for the next holistic, enriching, environmentally responsive, socially participatory, wildly successful project we deliver.

“Maker” Culture

The culture of “making” is strong at LMN, exemplified by our portfolio of Culture Projects, and supported by LMN Tech Studio, our in-house R&D group. LMN staff are frequently involved in local design competitions and human-scale installations, and have been a driving force in the growth of the Seattle Design Festival. In 2014, LMN’s offices played host to the festival’s first-ever “Design Rumble,” inviting hundreds of design creatives and construction professionals from around the city for a sketch jam and rapid team-forming event. The resulting teams went on to build nine pavilions displayed in Seattle’s Occidental Park, with LMN staff participating heavily.

Idea Exchange

Our culture is founded on the vigorous exchange of ideas, and our studio is designed to foster this spirit. Our multi-use flex space, located at the heart of the office, sees considerable action with a packed schedule of forums, visiting speakers, training workshops, project reviews, and our legendary weekly Beer Share in which we hear a presentation on an LMNer’s personal project, and chase it down with growlers of Georgetown Brewing Company’s finest.

LMN Green Team

Sustainability is a core value at LMN, and our Green Team, led by thought leaders within the firm, gathers regularly to present and discuss developments in building systems, analytics and visualization software, energy codes, and professional standards. The group is directly responsible for coordinating sustainability reporting on LMN’s projects—ensuring benchmarks are recorded and met throughout the design and construction process and continuing into post-occupancy evaluation. The LMN offices are sub-metered and regularly monitored to study our energy consumption patterns, and we are committed to meeting the AIA’s 2030 Challenge—to make all projects carbon-neutral by 2030.

Community Giving

LMN believes in giving back to the community that has supported us since our inception. The firm contributes generously both financially and by volunteering our time to a wide range of organizations. Every year we raise thousands of dollars for local charities including the United Way through our popular holiday auction, in which LMN staff offer homemade gifts, dinners, and adventures to each other, creating a moveable feast of social connections throughout the year. We also support Northwest Harvest and the Giving Tree, benefiting disadvantaged families and children.

Professional Development

LMN believes that sustainable success is built on a genuine commitment to helping all our people identify, pursue and reach their potential throughout their careers. Personal growth directly benefits professional effectiveness. We recognize this and offer professional development resources to our staff including a yearly continuing education allowance, and covering the cost of the licensing exam in Washington State.

Quotes from LMN employees

“One thing that’s really struck me about a lot of the projects we work on is that you can’t draw a line around the site and say, ‘This is the project,’ because it bleeds out everywhere. The scale of their influence in the city is so huge that you’re thinking about nature and whole multiple blocks of a city.”

“The office is constantly exchanging knowledge with fabricators and mechanical engineers—even companies that we don’t even work with. We’re always creating relationships that might not have otherwise been there. We are looking at ways of tying together the fabric of different industries.”

“The mentorship culture here is really amazing. Every project I’ve been on, people have been willing to not just put something on your desk and tell you when it’s due, but take the time to explain what it is, why it’s important, and where it comes from in the process. I just feel very engaged in the projects I’m staffed on, and I feel like I’m learning all the time.”