Firm Profile

Since its founding in 1979, LMN has dedicated its practice to the health and vitality of communities of all scales. Our staff covers a broad multi-disciplinary spectrum including Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, and Design Research, with project teams commonly comprising elements of each. Known for generous, enriching civic design in the public and private realms, LMN’s projects are always different, but share a common approach to how they work for people – whether in a campus, city, neighborhood, or workplace, we all have a need to feel connected. It is our deeply held belief that the best projects, places of great utility and imagination, spaces people naturally gravitate to and feel inspired by, result from open, honest, and inquisitive communication enriched by multiple perspectives. This approach extends to our relationships within the firm as well as with clients, collaborators, and the generations of users who will be the ultimate judges of our work’s success.

Our culture and our approach to the design and delivery of projects are one and the same. LMN is led by eight partners who are deeply involved in our day-to-day practice, and we organize teams around the needs of a project, not the dictates of a studio, ensuring a rich mix of expertise and diversity of talent. LMN’s reputation for rigorous attention to project delivery – design and detail of complex assemblies, strict adherence to budget and schedule, innovative construction delivery—is matched by what we call a “radically pragmatic” approach to design, starting with a fine-grained understanding of the unique conditions of place, program, and community that give a project its defining character. Great wholes, we believe, emerge from fully understanding and honoring each of the component parts.

We offer the body of work presented here as evidence of both our credentials and our potential. LMN possesses comprehensive expertise in a wide variety of specific project types; at the same time we operate from a single open-plan office, sharing insights and cross-pollinating ideas across all modes of our design practice. We are voracious learners, constantly looking forward in a collective dialogue about new ways of gathering, working, enjoying music, art, or sports, studying, living, building, exercising, hanging out, and seeing our environment in an ever-changing light.

We look forward to engaging in this dialogue with you.

LMN Partners