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Post Occupancy Data Device (PODD) | LMNts

Post Occupancy Data Device (PODD)

The PODD is a small, inexpensive solution to the gap in the available post occupancy evaluation tools. The units are designed to be networked together in large numbers, storing and uploading data from seven sensors that have been identified as most relevant for occupant comfort in buildings. Those include air quality, light, sound, and temperature.

We are on the second version of the prototype units which were developed in-house to allow for testing the hardware and software, including the wireless data transmission, network communication, and on-board logging. The PODDs can be left alone for extended periods of time, allowing for the collection of highly granular data about spaces.


We are excited to engage the larger design community in an effort to learn from our buildings by open sourcing this tool. You can find the source files on GitHub by clicking on the logo below.