Mobile Interactive Responsive Reflector (MIRR) – Part 2

Mobile Interactive Responsive Reflector (MIRR) is designed to activate the spaces in which it is installed by engaging with people walking by. Unsuspecting people passing by the installation trigger it with their presence, at which point it begins to respond to their movement through its kinetic panelized structure. People can also engage with the piece more directly using a wirelessly connected button box that allows for different mapping relationships between the action of pressing buttons and the response of the electromechanical system. Building a prototype at this scale gives us the opportunity to work through some of the challenges of integrating new technology into our workflow as well as to study human behavior in relation to new systems. As the tools to build smarter environments become better and more readily available we can explore how they will change the ways buildings engage with their inhabitants and respond to external and internal inputs to adapt to a range of short and long-term conditions.