Section Boxes in Grasshopper

Here’s a demo of a script we’re using to create section boxes in Grasshopper similar to those in Revit. This doesn’t split geometry but helps with animating or managing a large file in your viewport.

The section box script is similar to Luis Fraguada’s clipping plane script, except this script’s input is a closed brep and uses Python.

Rhino will limit the number of clipping planes in a viewport to 10.  The script will work on any closed brep with 10 or fewer faces.  It can also be quickly edited to work with planes. Enjoy!

[download id=”22″]. This script runs off of Python for Grasshopper.



  • BM

    Hi there, this looks great! Thanks for sharing.

    For some reason, when I select a box as the geometry and it starts, all geometry disapears, both in and out of the box… any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?


  • ekatzenstein

    BM, try turning the boolean toggle to “false”, select the section box, and then turn the boolean toggle to “true”, Does that work for you?