Virtualwind Workflow

Virtualwind is an architect-friendly Computation Fluid Dynamics simulation tool.  In a previous post, I briefly outlined the steps involved in setting up a Virtualwind study.  The video below goes through the entire work-flow from start to finish: from cleaning up the geometry in SketchUp to create a watertight model all the way through to visualizing simulation results. I am certainly not using all the features in Virtualwind and there are likely quicker ways to setup the domain and atmospheric conditions…so to those Virtualwind users out there, please let me know what I could be doing better.



  • makeszreg

    Do you still have the Virtualwind install pacakge (trial)? They went down so there is no way to get it now. I colud really appreciated if you could help me out. Latest version was 2.1 i think, but lesser is also ok.

    • dbelcher

      We were sorry to hear that Virtualwind folded. Good software. Unfortunately, we don’t have a copy of the trial version installer. 🙁 Let us know what you find.

  • michi

    I have the same problem: I wanted to try Virtualwind because what I have seen in your posts looks terrific (and very easy to use) but they closed down.
    did you find a trial version?

  • michi

    by the way, congratulations for your posts. great job!

    • dbelcher


      Thanks! I really wish we had a demo copy of the software around. All the commercial copy installers are tied to a specific license, which thankfully still works for us. The license is then tied to the workstation. Still, one might be able to lobby Virtualwind to release the demo copy of the software into the public domain…but that’s up to the parent company (RWDI). As I’ve said, I thought it was great software and I’m disappointed that they folded.


  • liveoak

    hi dbelcher:

    Can you sent the workflow video to me?

    I can not watch the video completely…


    My email:

    • dbelcher


      Unfortunately, I can’t post a download link, but I can trans-code the video again if there are bandwidth issues. Are you having problems viewing the video in its entirety that could be alleviated with a more compressed video?


  • Saabudin Rathod

    The Virtual Wind platform is very interesting. I may still have the demo laying around. I am interested to see how the outputs affected your design decisions. This is one area in which I haven’t seen much discussion in the forums.

  • zj D. Wong

    To, Saabudin Rathod
    Could you please upload the demo as I am desperately trying to get my hands on it
    most of the CFD programs out atm are not working very well for me.
    Like Winair for Ecotect as it expired.

    Much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • clevie

    Winair expired? Just set you computer’s clock back 20 years…

  • BenGoble

    Hello All,

    For those looking to try out the trial version of this software, an install package can be found on ‘’. You’ll have to login, but it provides a legitimate link to the file.