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People | LMNts

Scott Crawford


Scott grew up making things with computers and the tools in his father’s woodshop. More recently he has focused on the use of parametric modeling, digital fabrication, and simulation analysis and the potential for these tools to strengthen a designer’s intuition while also increasing the designer’s flexibility to respond to change. Scott holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a Masters of Architecture and a Masters of Science in Design Computing from the University of Washington.

Michael Day


Michael has a formal background in architecture but his primary focus has mainly been on architectural visualization. He strives to create great images that are able to tell stories and evoke emotional responses. Believing that 3D visualization is a crucial step in the design process, he is passionate about making images that are as unique as the projects themselves. Michael received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2009. He cofounded Object31, an Architectural Visualization firm, and previously worked at Murphy / Jahn, and Weber Thompson.

Enol Vallina


Enol’s interest focus on the intersection between Design, Urbanism and Technology. Educated as an architect in Spain, he continued his education and career in London at the Bartlett School of Architecture by doing Masters in Urban Design, then at Harvard GSD receiving a Master in Design Studies in the Technology concentration. Along the way, he has worked with some of the premier design firms in the US and Europe, and gained valuable experience in Architecture, Urban Design and Computational Design.

Chris Savage


Chris’s primary interests lie in the use of data, science, and technology in design, with a particular emphasis on energy/daylighting and internet-of-things devices.  He came to architecture after spending nearly a decade as a scientist, performing research in cosmology and particle physics.  That prior experience provides him with set of skills that range from strangely applicable to architecture to entirely useless.  Chris holds a PhD in physics from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Nicholas Freese


Nick began his career at LMN where he was able to combine his passion for Architecture and 3D media to enhance the design process of multiple projects. He is constantly exploring new ways to push the limits of visualization through AR, VR and real-time rendering methods to bring people closer to architecture both before and after a project’s completion. Nick holds Bachelors of Architecture degree from Oklahoma State University.

LMNts Alumni

Jack Chaffin


Jack is a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience. For some reason he has led the transition of 3 architecture firms from cad based production to BIM, including LMN’s adoption beginning in 2012. It’s not something he set out to do but it has certainly shaped his career. Besides his love of all things BIM he has a great interest and growing experience in digital fabrication. He has discovered that he is actually very compatible with robots as well as people. Besides his architecture degree Jack holds an undergrad degree in English and Religious Studies from Kenyon College. So if you would like to discuss the meaning of Buddhist literature and its influence on G-code syntax, he’s your man.

Nicholas Ames


Nicholas has spent much of his life breaking things for fun and fixing them for a living. He is currently interested in exploring the conversation that takes place between parametric modeling tools, grease pencils, CNC machines, and anvils. Nicholas holds an undergraduate degree in Puppetry and Design from The Evergreen State College, and is currently completing a Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington.

Dan Belcher


Dan’s primary interest is fostering emerging interfaces and design processes which lead to insight. With a background in research science, interaction design, and computer graphics, he is equally comfortable amongst engineers as artists. Dan holds undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Brown University and a Masters in Design Computing from the University of Washington. Dan came to LMN from ARToolworks, where he was a user-experience designer working on Augmented Reality applications. Before becoming interested in architectural design, he was a member of the Virtual Environment Navigation Lab, the Human Interface Technology Lab, and the Design Machine Group. Dan co-founded LMNts in 2009 and managed the eclectic array of “Special Operations” before moving to Robert McNeel and Associates, the makers of Rhino. Dan can be found at

Apoorv Goyal


Apoorv is an architect specializing in sustainable design and recently joined LMN Tech Studio as a Design Technologist. He is interested in integrating sustainability early on in the design process and wants to explore the use of computational parametric modeling and analysis in evolving the design process. Apoorv recently graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design with a Master in Design Studies (Energy and Environments) and previously holds a Bachelors in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, India. Apoorv has in the past worked with arch i platform (India) and Environmental Design Solutions pvt. ltd. (India) and as a researcher at GSD.

Belal Abboushi


Belal is a researcher whose research focuses on daylighting and visual comfort, energy efficient design, and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessments. While working as an intern with the LMN Tech Studio, Belal helped develop the prototype for the Post-Occupancy Data Device Sensor (PODDs).

Anastasia Krasnoslobodtseva


Anastasia is a licensed architect with over 7 years of experience. Throughout her career, she narrowed in her focus on efficiency in technology use and document production. A lean well-coordinated set of Construction Documents is better than ice cream! Out of passion for data and schedules, she has grown an interest for task automation with use of Dynamo, and Rhino/ Revit integration. Besides her architecture degree Anastasia holds an undergrad degree in Business Administration from Worcester State University. She is always up to discuss business and architecture intersections.

Plamena Milusheva


Plamena is a platform-agnostic serial dabbler. She studied art and architectural history at Emory University in Atlanta and then went on to get her Masters of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. After moving to Seattle, Plamena worked at Metrix Create: Space where she spent several years tending to the robots. Her background in architecture and interest in emerging technologies led Plamena to the R & D Coordinator position at Olson Kundig for several years before joining LMNts.
Moving forward, she is excited to explore the potential of current and future advancements in software, hardware, digital representation, and interactive interfaces to be used as design tools to expand architectural practice and its global impact.