Seattle EUG: ScriptJIGs

Script: A program used to control one or more software applications.

Jig: A tool used to control the location and/or motion of other tools.

I will be presenting at next week’s Seattle Ecotect Users Group meeting.  I’ve been asked to speak on the topic of “scripting.”  Since I don’t do a lot of scripting in LUA – the script language of Ecotect – I WILL NOT be addressing how to use LUA.   (For those who want an introduction to LUA, look elsewhere).  Instead, I will talk about how and why to use scripting to drive Ecotect as an analysis engine.  I’ll explain how LMNts has been employing Grasshopper as a sort of “script jig” to guide other tools, including Ecotect.  Specifically, I’ll present a number of case studies on how design iterations are pushed into analysis packages and how analysis data are brought back into our design environments.  I’ll demonstrate how/why/when these data are used to inform decisions, especially when multiple – and sometimes competing – parameters are in play.

Seattle Ecotect User’s Group Meeting
: Monday, December 13th
: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
: US Bank Center Building, 1420 5th Ave, 4th Floor Conference Room.

Mark your calendars.  Bring your lunch.