LMN Pavilion for the Seattle Design Festival 2013

For the past month or so we’ve been working on designing and fabricating a small pavilion for the 2013 Seattle Design Festival.  It’s been a fun opportunity to explore a flat pack wooden space frame system, train some co-workers to use Grasshopper, and use finger paint!  We’ll be posting more information about the work we did after the design festival.  For now you can check out the video showing one of the 50+ sets of textures that we cut out.

If you’re in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle this weekend, 9/21-9/22, then stop by the Design Block on Occidental Avenue, check out the pavilion, draw some patterns, construct a miniature model of the pavilion and say hi.  A special thanks to the Design Festival Organizers for letting us take part in this year’s festivities.