Single Line Font for Fabrication


A common part of fabrication is labeling the parts to make assembling easier, but typical TrueType fonts generally aren’t ideal for fabrication.  After looking into them a little, we discovered that the it was because fonts need to be closed profiles and not just paths.  There are some pseudo single line fonts that can help minimize this problem, though there are often artifacts that may come through as missing or extra lines when Rhino drops part of the closed profile.

As an alternative, we used a script component in Grasshopper to convert strings into fairly simple curves.  Writing our own script rather than relying on a font also has the benefit of being able to control the letter height and spacing independently to make sure any bit size will leave the characters legible.

One of the cons with this approach is that because each character is explicitly created there is the chance that some needed characters are missing, though more could always be added as the need arises.  Also, it currently only creates upper case characters so any string gets converted to all upper case before the curves are generated.

Behold the Timplex font.

[download id=”27″]


  • Matt Hutchinson

    Nice work guys!

  • Henrique

    Awesome guys! Ever though of sharing this on, it is a platform for sharing designs, and it accepts grasshopper files. It is still in portuguese only…but they can help.

    warm regards, and thanks for sharing.

  • Miguel Vidal

    Well done!
    Thanks for sharing.