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SF Field Trip | LMNts

SF Field Trip

While in San Francisco last week for the super awesome KA Connect conference we decided it would be a good time to go visit our friend Bill Kreysler up in Napa.  It was a wonderful experience to have the chance to see Bill and the gang, check out their tools, see some really fun projects, and talk a bit about fabrication and the future.


The Kreysler shop is inspiring. They seem constantly busy and consistently happy taking on all kinds of projects and solving an array of problems with a diverse tool-kit with many different kinds of materials.  We were amazed to see their flexibility of thinking as well as the remarkable craftsmanship that’s required to produce the work they create.

We have been waiting for years to work with epoxies and fibers at a scale of the building industry, and we may just have a big opportunity or two around the corner.  It’s great to have a friend like Bill who goes out of his way to do some speculative collaboration; we have a lot of similar interests and beliefs in the possibilities of the tools and materials, and are eager to make something happen together in the future.

Now that we have our own 3-axis CNC mill we are thinking more and more about composites these days, and how we can use our tools to better understand the capacity and potentials of these construction systems.  Experiments are already in our heads and will soon be making their way to our mill and new layup station.  Stay tuned.

To top off our great week in SF, on our way back through town we stopped by to visit our friend Matt at PATH.  Matt is an amazingly talented designer and fabricator who is setting the bar for those of us who love designing and making.  Check out his stuff if you have a moment.  It will not disappoint.