Task-Based Interface Presentation Takeaways

LMN recently had the pleasure of presenting a session on customizing the MicroStation V8i task-based interface at Bentley Systems’ 2010 user conference, Be Together. This was a 1 hour presentation in which real-world examples of simple and advanced techniques for modifying task-based interfaces, including creating custom icons, tools, tasks, and named expressions, were presented. Other new features in V8i SELECTseries 1 were also covered, such as Main task customization, workflows and reference tasks.

LMN is happy to provide the following takeaways from this presentation:

The presentation slideshow in PDF format.

The LMN Main tool frame (includes custom reference, level, view control and manipulation tools; the corresponding custom icon files are included as a bonus):

The LMN Send to Back macro:

The LMN Rotate View macro:

Also, a video capture of the presentation will be coming soon.

To get the takeaways, download the following zip file:

[download id=”1″]

Updated 5/27/2010: Fixed a bug in the LMN Rotate View macro related to it being used off of the LMN network. Updated the zip file with the revised macro file.



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