Revit Daylighting Tools 2: ElumTools

In the second of our series on Revit daylighting tools we will look at ElumTools’ new daylighting capability.  ElumTools has been a front-runner in artificial lighting simulation for Revit and has ventured into the daylighting realm with a pretty impressive debut.

Ribbon 5Compared to Autodesk’s Lighting Analysis Extension, ElumTools has a greater ability to customize and fine tune different lighting simulation types.  For starters you can do luminance or illuminance. illuminance luminance

The grid size density and location can also be controlled. Points setupYou may add grid points to be analyzed either based on Rooms, Spaces, or planar faces.  There is currently no way to simulate annual daylight autonomy or any simulation that is not based on a specific point in time.  Setup of materials and orientation is simple and similar to the Autodesk Lighting Analysis Extension.  The lighting analysis does not take shading devices into account.  Anything outside the glazing is ignored. So adjacent structures and shading cannot be analysed here.  Like Autodesk’s Lighting Analysis Extension there is no way to setup iterative runs at this point, so each run must manually called.  The one great advantage that ElumTools has over the competition is that it can integrate it’s artificial lighting and daylighting into the same runs allowing you to model for specific foot candle targets.  The ease of use is excellent and the results are very good.  It’s not going to replace our Grasshopper/Diva workflow but of the Revit Add-ins this is easily the most robust and shows great potential.