Grasshopper in the Office


The Grasshopper plugin for Rhino has been a great addition to our design workflows in part because of the community that uses it and continues to make great plugins for it.  With that comes the headache of trying to standardize content across the office so that if one person works on a file, they can pass it on to someone else without having to figure out what plugins (and versions thereof) are used in the file.  Add to that user objects that we’re developing for the office and you see the kind of problem we’re running into.

After looking into a few different ways to handle this, we ended up creating a batch file to replicate content from a network location onto every computer with Grasshopper installed.  This script was implemented in two ways, as part of the Grasshopper installation process and as part of our company logon script.

For the installation process, we created a batch file that would install Grasshopper, the required C++ Redistributable, and then replicate the plugins and user objects.   Lines in the file that begin with ‘rem’ are comments so you can see what each command is really doing and provides some instruction on how to modify the file for use.   Even though we have the logon script running the same replication script, we decided to leave it in the install script in case someone installed Grasshopper and ran it immediately without logging off and back on.

Disclaimer: the author does not guarantee that this script will work or provide the best workflow for your office.  If you have any suggestions to improve it let us know.  The file is provided as a plain text file, to use it as a batch file rename it and change the file extension from .TXT to .BAT.

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