Urban Mixed Use Design

LMN places great value on the benefits to community culture that result from a rich diversity of uses within the fabric of an urban environment. Mixed-use projects present the opportunity to enhance the vibrancy of urban life through synergistic use of resources. Progressive architectural solutions in this context must combine the dynamics of evolving economic and social systems with urban place-making.

LMN’s mixed-use experience includes a wide range of high-density urban projects that combine office, retail/entertainment, residential, hotel and cultural arts programs in various configurations. Underlying all of this work is an overarching vision of sustainable urban centers, where diversity of use is strategically embedded within land-use infrastructure, and where the dynamics of contemporary urban life and the natural environment are integrated influences in the experience of architecture.

Project Name
1001 Office Towers Bellevue, Washington , 2021
Lakeview Office Building Kirkland, Washington 2021
4C Mixed Use Tower Seattle, Washington 2020
Summit 3 Office Tower Bellevue, Washington 2021
Washington State Convention Center Addition Co-Development Seattle, Washington , 2022
The Graystone Residential Tower Seattle, Washington 2019
Eighth + Olive Lobby Repositioning Seattle, Washington , 2015
1111 Third Avenue Lobby Repositioning Seattle, Washington , 2014
Norm Dicks Government Center Bremerton, Washington , 2004
Summit Office Towers I and II Bellevue, Washington , 2005
1101 Dexter Station Seattle, Washington , 2015
2000 Third Avenue Office and Residential Tower Entitlements Seattle, Washington 2001
Amazon Headquarters Phases II&III Seattle, Washington 2011
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Headquarters Office Building Renton, Washington 1998
Civica Office Commons Bellevue, Washington 2001
Crowley Marine Services Office Building Seattle, Washington 2001
Kirkland Parkplace Office and Hotel Entitlements Kirkland, Washington , 2010
Midtown21 Office Tower Seattle, Washington , , 2016
Aspira Residential Tower Seattle, Washington , 2010
929 Office Tower Bellevue, Washington , 2015
Brooks Sports Headquarters Building Seattle, Washington , , 2014
Downtown Seattle Hotel Seattle, Washington , 2018
Hines Expedia Tower Bellevue, Washington , 2008
1800 Ninth Avenue Lobby Repositioning Seattle, Washington , 2013