Bremerton Fourth Street Design

Bremerton, Washington

Project Size:

Gross area: 1.7 acres

Project Status:

Completed 2012


Urban Design

Selected Awards

2014 The Puget Sound Regional Council

Vision 2040 Award

Transforming the west edge of downtown Bremerton into a gateway destination, the urban design retrofit of Fourth Street stimulates private investment and provides a place for civic events and street markets.  The project ties together a series of strategic investments in downtown, including the Norm Dicks Government Center and Kitsap Conference Center at the waterfront.

Site and Program
The Fourth Street block is a critical zone for downtown Bremerton, linking the main pedestrian gate of the Bremerton-Kitsap Naval Base—the site of a new 10-theater cinema, residential, and parking garage development—with the central business district, waterfront, and ferry terminal. The streetscape design for Fourth Street uses modest funds to make dramatic improvements to the walkability of this central corridor, encouraging economic and residential traffic between nodes.

The design strategy recasts the block as a festival street with cable lights festooned overhead, framing the roadway and giving pedestrians a sense of priority. At mid-block, a raised section paved with colored brick breaks up the length of the 750-foot street, creating a wide event plaza. Curb bulb-outs at either end of this midsection slow traffic passing through, and narrow the distance of crosswalks. At the west end of the block, additional pavers and curbless crosswalks signal the entrance to a pedestrian-centric zone. Along the full length of the street, trees and rain gardens integrated into the sidewalk separate pedestrians from automobiles, aid in natural storm water management, and invite casual strolling through the district.

The reimagined street opens up new possibilities for outdoor festivals, farmers markets, and patio dining in Bremerton, connecting multiple mixed-use developments and capitalizing on all of the city’s main drivers of downtown foot traffic.