Park(ing) Day 2012: "Build By Color"

Seattle, WA


LMN Culture

In 2012, we decided that audience participation was a great way to educate the professional business environment of downtown Seattle about Park(ing) Day. We picked a new location on 2nd Avenue that had a higher percentage of professionals pedestrian traffic rushing by between meetings and coffee breaks and invited them to pause and play for a few minutes. The set up included 2×4 tripods of different sizes placed around the parking space. Hundreds of painted screws porcupined the tripods as the substrate for an interactive, audience-created sculpture.

Over the span of the day we asked passersby to pick up a spool of colored string and weave around the tripods using the colored screws for attachment. The process had people climbing over and under each other and through an increasingly complex web of strings, which was met with plenty of laughter and smiles. By the end of the day a nest of tangled neon fibers wrapped between the tripods was all we needed as evidence that people enjoyed taking a few moments to experience and contribute to a unique and unexpected social activity during their work day.